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How naive can you get

Courtesy of Antonio Novo

How naive can we be. Dropouts who loiter with a bottle of beer in parks or public places and molest female passers by, or ask for money and tobacco to anyone unfortunate enough to come across them; complete failures who waste endless hours in the bar or at a pub playing cards, dominoes or darts depending on the country. Nobody can deny that those are our local trouble makers. We can even assume that their social aids will arrive periodically fresh from our pockets so they can go on boozing, beating their wives and children or just abusing them. And don't forget: it is their prerogative to increase the population exponentially because by using the children as shields they know their kids will be taken care of by society, and that will mean lots of extra money to them. No problem – we can deal to a certain extent with that. Here we have a hint of our local problems. No big business.

That is the Europe of wellbeing, ladies and gentlemen. But the lot of the people who really work hard, rise every day at 5 AM and have to make ends meet is really quite a different question. For them, political correctness makes things worse like a heavy chain, no matter how aware they could be that this new religion has its own high priests and dogma. Now, the pulpit remains not in the churches but in the mass media. Nonbelievers can be burnt at the stake. So we became aware things have not changed so much from inquisitorial times. And if we take into consideration where lies the lion's share the answer is quite simple. Depending on your religion and race you can have free granted access to all kinds of aids and social support or being denied it. And the lot of the working class is multifold. Positive racism they call it.

For the sake of that same political correctness, I will avoid mentioning to whom I am referring to about each group. The law is the law and we don't want any troubles - It is a very well known fact that the law cracks its whip on that very working population and never in those untouchable groups. You can guess to what part of the population I do belong. I truly understand the reason why political correctness looms large. Judges, for instance, don't want to deal with a bunch of bare breasted ladies running about the aisles in their courts demonstrating because of some non political correct verdict, for instance. Or no politician is eager to suffer a swarm of TV cameras and all the lot covering the news of some extreme leftist demonstration supporting the untouchable groups because a nonpolitical correct speech. Or the very same groups holding threatening demonstrations to the Eastern world as freely as they want.

But in some places, such as in Spain, things can get even worse. Newly arrived populist politicians preach that we should cope not only with our own army of local problems, but that we should afford some extra shots of people coming from somewhere else in huge swarms; and only for crossing illegally into Spain, if Podemos (We Can) wins in the poles, those newly arrived will be granted a bonus of 600 € . That must be the reason for the existence of us, the hard working class, for such is the promise of Mr Pablo Iglesias, the populist leader so friend of Tsipras, which is his Greek version. Our lot should be to provide for others, so populist leaders can legalize shoals of newcomers and sweep more votes into the  party. Of course, this issue becomes a business of communicating vessels as  private property honestly gained is at stake behind the scenes. I bet the only granted private property is the populists' one, which will undoubtedly rocket as soon as they grip power. Maduro and family in Venezuela provides for a good example.

If you belong to the working middle class and feel that way no wonder buddies. You live in Europe! But if you feel even more threatened because your private property is at risk you are in Spain.How stupid can you be to vote populists!

Vicente Jiménez

4 comentarios:

  1. Politcal correctness has a Price that only normal people have to pay, but more and more unwillingly: lets dispose of those freaks one day.

    1. That's very right. But the tendency is seeming to be showing otherwise.

  2. Hola.

    ¿Porque no podemos hablar por google?

    1. Porque no tengo tiempo de enfrascarme en conversaciones, ya que sería el nunca acabar. Yo puedo responder a argumentos si cumplen una serie de condiciones. Pero si quieres realizar una pregunta concreta en Google; si la sé, intentaré contestarla, visto tu interés :)