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The plague of dysfunctional government and the European puzzle

This is an era of dysfunctional government supported by a dysfunctional media through corruption and political correctness. Presidents of nations and prime ministers take their orders from finance, but where do banksters and bankers take orders from? Not from free market, which means that no “invisible hand” is balancing markets and customers' needs. Of course, we do suspect who are giving the real orders: just follow the track of the money, as they usually put it. 

Petrodollars might have a say in this whole business in a cause-effect domino; and even though the people have had enough, political correctness muzzle their voices, brains, and tie their hands to take action..

You can see in the graph a plummeting disruption in American's confidence since 2003, but you Americans are lucky enough to have three Branches, after all. That means that you, the people, can hold tight reins again as soon as you can put two and two together getting rid of all the overwhelming disinformation which pervades in the media. 

But Europe, after the Great War II, and as the result of the Cold War has only one branch because, in fact, the executive and legislative branches were merged into one. Communists are shrewd and could have disrupted Europe during the Cold War if people would had been given the opportunity of real elections, so state parties took over and representation of the people was substituted by representation of the parties. That meant no representation for the people and by the people because parties have been handing out their own lists of representatives according to their own party interests, not the people's. The future President has the elective process under his thumb. Then, outrageous as it may seem, those representatives elect the President who previously had elected them and distributed the benches-to.be. As people vote, they have a false sense of democracy because voting does not mean electing in a system that has been named partitocracy, not democracy. This is true for all European countries except for UK, France, and Switzerland, which almost do have the three branches in constant tension: executive, legislative and judicial.

Another piece of the puzzle comes from the corrupt apologists of political correctness, which are keeping from free speech even Americans. Just as an example, Europe is receiving a massive migration of Islamic people fleeing the jihad atrocities. Much social engineering is being performed by the media so we, the people, accept sheepishly this migration invasion while rich arab countries just wait and  watch. Here again, we, the people have nothing to say in this partitocracy.

Throughout 1400 years, as Bill Warner puts it, Europe has been savagely and brutally devastated  and beaten by Islamists. Bill expresses his admiration on how Islamists have adapted any kind of weaponry in its warfare against any civilization that did not match theirs throughout the centuries, and gives scientific evidence to prove it. Extreme Islamists have made war by constantly breaking war rules and thus, using anything as weapons: from wombs to hunger and terror the aim has always been beating the European economic system: look at the Twin Towers, as a last example. This economic disruption is also just happening now. Political correctness inflicts on us how we have to receive in Europe this massive number of people fleeing Iran and other countries for humanistic reason. The media puts the blame on us and not on the jihad, so that we have to cope with the problem while Arabs are just watching the drama. Nobody is saying anything about solving the problem in the origin except comments you hear in the streets; because we, the people, are not fools no matter what official version is hammering us in the media. But here, again, we lack representation to give our say. Think of that. Think of the pieces in the puzzle...

3 comentarios:

  1. Free world's political correctness is Islm's best weapon, and political correctness henchman is the "Commander in Sheik" and Nobel Price, USA's Presindent, he himsel a hidden muslin and a product of said political correctness. And the latest issue, Europe's refugees problema, comes from this Peace Nobel Price and his useless coalition, which is just for show.
    So, for now, europeans and refugees alike, are fucked up...and more to come.
    Best regards

    1. Islamists know how to break the rules of war and use anything as a weapon. In this case hunger and massive migration against Europe. They have 1400 years in expereience

  2. You 're quite right , my friend Vicente , with these politicians we have in Europe shortly we will be totally overrun by Islamists . The invasion has begun.