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The nightmare of a mob rule

Nothing farther from my intentions than to present a nightmare portrait of Spain where the lights have gone out. But mob rule is apparently lurking in the dark in the appearance of a new political party which has come from extreme left radical demonstrators, violent Antifa, and well-meaning people misguided by smooth speeches and infantile rhetoric.

In Spain, we have personal rights: that is, the freedom to property, to signing contracts, to move freely about the country and out, to express political opinions, etc. Spaniards are almost enjoying a democracy except for the detail that we have no representation for the people. Political parties and not the people choose their nominees - In fact, they represent, that is, they "are present in the Congress for" or they stand for the leaders of the political party who put them into office. This lack of real democracy is not endemic, but it is shared by most of the countries in Europe except for France, UK and Switzerland.

The Secretary of that political party, which came out from the populist people gathering in the Puerta del Sol (a central square in Madrid) demonstrations expressed himself in terms that "it was too bad he, as a demonstrator, had forgotten his Kalashnikov at home". He also expressed his delight whenever he saw that a ballot officer was severely beaten during a demonstration by the mob.

In the Spanish system, with the lack of power in the hands of the people, someone with his deranged attitude would represent a clear danger not only to our liberty if the extremists came to power, but for the rest of Europe; which may come out to share something of Venezuela Maduro's system too. I know that nobody listens, but mind my words.

Vicente Jiménez

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