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Nothing personal to anyone, it's only business

This is the schizophrenic political system of the power in Spain. As professor A.Trevijano has rightly pointed - the system began and keeps as a corrupt one on end - So, there is nothing to regenerate. Regeneration means a honest stem, which is not the case. We need a change.
Political thinker analyst and writer A. Trevijano has coined the term “state political party” for those political parties which are but one of the layers of a state. If political parties are part of the state, the people consequently are part of the state as well. That was what Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin and all dictators have always dreamed.
Franco's regime continuously focused the control of power without citizens having any opportunity to have a say in political matters: PSOE, PP, ERC or CiU are existing state parties such as Franco's Falange party once was. We have the same vertical unions as well. Of course the people in Spain have enjoyed some extra freedom in personal liberties, but not in the collective ones. So, the shift from Francoism to the current political system is not such a great deal.

As to democracy, all we can decide is what state party we want to direct us, but Franco's inherited power goes on in the hands of those parties and has never been in the hands of the people. We must never forget that we are in partitocracy, which means “rule by political parties”, not a real democracy.

The great tragedy is that Spaniards are not aware of this deception. They think themselves to be living the dream of democracy. This means that these people devote their demonstrations and protests against the symptoms of the disease, such as dramatic evictions, 20% unemployment, or the poor management of the banks which, to make things worse, have rewarded the very same managers, banksters and politicians with obscene huge pensions and contracts worth millions.

Many times politician or trade union leaders, or their kick-sides have managed those banks which have caused the aftermath wasteland. As an example, huge amounts of money illegally carried offshore to tax havens by corrupt politicians and banksters. It's pathetic all demonstrations, general strikes and street battles taking place and which are not actually affecting the monster.

Traditionally, in Spain the street is the battleground of the left, unions, anti-system groups and the like. 

The leaders in control of those movements are accomplices for things to remain the same because they are a part of the state, too; as much as political parties. If they really cared for the people they should be claiming for democratic change, and not demagogically be diverting the attention of the people towards the symptoms such as the unfair distribution of wealth which remains controlled by bank and political oligarchies.

I cannot understand how we can let a caste of parasites play the music taking us how they want, where they want and when they want to the wasteland: some of them, such as nationalists leaders, even eager to sever Spain and always greedy to take the lion's share. We cannot breed any more those who have installed themselves in power to ruin our nation. So, removing them from power and starting real democratic changes has become an issue of survival for the people in Spain. Specially, if we consider how banksters and politicians have added more misery to the general world crisis and the greater impact affecting Southern Mediterranean countries. All those countries have something in common: the corruption which comes out from partitocratic systems where political parties have become a part of the state.

And thus, we have a caste at large when we consider they usually inherit their high offices awarded by contacts or by bloodline; just as monarchies do. Therefore, we can consider that our partitocracy is also hereditary, like the monarchy in which we live.
Those privileges so easily won are certificates against any effort to benefit the people and a pile of manure to grow corruption on. So, even honest politicians cannot represent anybody but the party. Does it sound familiar?

Of course, one wonders what great opportunity would also be like to add intelligence, creativity and merit rather than mediocrity and greed. Efficient and sustainable policies instead of the waste of public money. If instead of robbing us, experienced economy managers could arrive by means of merit and love of public service, sometimes sacrificing part of their welfare. Yes folks, yes. Those people do really exist and the method which makes this second option come true is called democracy. Democracy are just a set of rules. And to achieve this closing goal we need a new Electoral Law Reform, established in Spain.
Some social engineering must be operating behind the scenes to make not only Spain but Mediterranean countries (France is the exception) play in this league of loosers.

The voter's reality: inflation, making ends meet, mortgages, unemployment, evictions, homelessness and suffering. 

All taking place while the media focus the people's attention on the rag and not on the bullfighter. We put the blame on the crisis, banks, prime ministers; or on the various governments, and while the bullfighter is waving we run into the rag. While mass media draw our attention entirely to incidental issues we do not devote ourselves to what is really crucial; a change to real democracy. We cannot forget the excellent job done by unions and the doctrine of political correctness to keep us mesmerized.

Folks, there is nothing to regenerate here because you regenerate something that has previously been good: the Spanish people have never enjoyed democracy since Franco's regime and we need a constituent process and a new constitution to guarantee a democracy like in the United States, France, or England. We must never fall back into the networks of the parties for the state and not for the people. The first step: CHANGING THE ELECTORAL LAW and forget the rest... Nothing personal to anyone, it's only business, and my business will be profitable when a free citizen. And yours too.
Vicente Jimenez

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